We understand the vitally important roles volunteers play within roller derby. If you're interested in becomming an on or off skates official, get in touch! Officials are heroes!
Schrödinger's Phat

Garryck / G / Poppa Bear
Founder, Head Ref, freshie coach, pep-talker and all-round awesome dude!


Chair of BOD, Referee, Coach

Technician at a University

Why do you derby?
I started for the social aspect. I wasn't disappointed. These guys below are all my best friends.

Fun fact:
I 3D print dinosaurs and hook people up to lie detectors! I also co-founded Derby Directory with Hoolia.

Medical Records Officer for the NHS

Why do you derby?
I play cause I love the fact that our team is a family. I was thinking about giving it up with my old team and just skating for fun but I came along to a BCRD session and just loved how everyone joked and made each other laugh but were also serious about learning and teaching others how to play.

Finance Manager for a Mental Health charity

Why do you derby?
I skate with BCRD because I enjoy the challenge of the sport, and I love the friendship of the people I play with.
Miss Hoolicane
Shiff Churass
Referee, Freshie Coach, Chief Baker
Head NSO

Why do you derby?
I joined BCRD because I'd loved roller skating as a kid. I really had no idea what I was letting myself in for but absolutely love the challenge roller derby gives me. Most importantly though are the people....they are an amazing group who support you every step of the way! I couldn't imagine life without them now.

Fun Fact:
I once had to stand in as a magician's assistant.
Woodwork Technician at University

Why do you derby?
The reason I play roller derby and NSO is because I find it fun, the BCRD team are a great bunch of people. I like the physicality of the game and look forward to participating further when my skills develop more. I'm very glad I joined.
We know we wouldn't be where we are now without all of the talented people in our league, especially our dedicated skaters who give it their all!
Nancy Wheeler

Coach, Committee, Hero

Coach Supreme, Committee

Raffle Enthusiast - always wins
Manager at a bookmakers

Why do you derby?
I love how empowering roller derby is and I love the family feeling we have at the club.
Watersport Instructor at Holiday Resort

Why do you derby?
Because it allows me to feel like myself and empowers me to do more! It is an inspiration to me and it reminds me to keep pushing and never give up.  I could never imagine my life now without the people of BCRD! Each and all of them are an inspiration and they work super hard to make roller Derby the best it can be!

Fun fact:
I am bilingual and I can fit a whole cookie in my mouth sideways.
Retail Operations Manager

Why do you derby?
Because this is a sport where women are praised for their strength and aggression rather than penalised, and pitted against men as equals.
Welsh Scarebit
Bad Madditude

Coach, Silent Hero

Coach, committee, supermum

T (his real name)
Here we observe him holding a leek and some vaseline.

Why do you derby?
Initially it just seemed a great excuse to start skating again. Once I started learning to play Derby, I got hooked on the physical and mental challenge, and the spirit that underpins Border City Rollers and Roller Derby in general. Having joined this brilliant gang of fierce, friendly people there was no going back (partly because of the veiled threats). Also, some of them are great at making cakes, and it'd be a shame to miss out on that if I left.
Primary school art teacher, face painter and artist.

Why do you derby?
I play roller derby because it's stress-relieving. There's nothing better than a good scrim to completely drain you of any negativity or pent up aggression in a positive and productive way.

Fun Fact:
I can speak fluent Welsh.
Fishing tackle and firearms retailer

Why do you derby?
We're a family, I couldn't imagine not playing Roller Derby with such an amazing bunch of people!
Roller Derby is easily the best thing I have ever done.

Fun fact:
I have six Moomin tattoos. I really like Moomins!
Boo Action
Phearbe Buffay
Danny Defeat-O

Knows the body

Small but mighty

Dungeon Master, committee

Why do you derby?
I always loved roller skating as a youth, I love that I've made new friends/teammates. Roller derby is hard but I love the thrill and challenge.  Progress can be slow but very rewarding.

Fun fact:
I once cut my thumb on a fray bentos tin, I still have a scar.
Senior Learning Administrator at Cumberland Infirmary

Why do you derby?
I signed up because I wanted to try skating again and meet new people, then I got hooked!

Fun fact:
I like crocheting mini animals called amigurumi.
Masters Student

Why do you derby?
I've always thought roller derby looked exciting but only learnt it was open to men too at a chance meeting with the BCRD team. I started for the fun of skating, I stick around for the close knit friendships of the team, more like a family.
Bud The Wiser

Makes chainmail out of ring pulls

No one knows his real name
Artist extraordinaire
Chemical Cleanroom Operative

Why do you derby?
I play because I enjoy the fast paced contact and quick strategic rush also falling over is pretty fun!
Community & energy officer by day. Portrait artist by night.

Why do you derby?
I love skating and I love derby family!

Fun/weird fact about yourself:
I once played with the BBC philharmonic orchestra.
System of A'Dam
Miss Calculated

Mega gamer. Shouts at cats

SFX badass

Better than you with numbers
Administration Officer

Why do you  derby?
To see how many times I can injure myself.
(Current tally = 1)

Weird fact about you:
I must 100% computer games.
Operations Director for a Training Company

Why do you derby?
I used to love roller blading as a kid and never had the opportunity to do it as an Adult so this is the perfect mix - sport on roller skates. It’s a great way to keep fit, challenge myself and have fun. The team is great and such a supportive group of people.

Fun/weird fact about yourself:
I love SFX makeup and creating different looks.
Chartered Accountant

Why do you derby?
I loved skating as a child, this paired with my life long love of cake drew me to the Skate and Cake day where I met lots of lovely people, I surprised myself at being able to skate and was quickly hooked (plus it looks crazy and dangerous, so of course I'm going to have a go!!)
Rainey Daze

Dead keen

The best looking out of all of us

Has the best accent
Self Employed Photographer, Writer, Poet.

Why do you derby?
It's a great way of keeping fit and meeting new people, plus I just love to skate!
Nuclear Oporations Apprentice

Why do you derby?
I had never been part of a sports team before and I loved skating as a kid, when I found out what roller derby was I wanted to be a part of it!

Fun fact about you:
I appeared on ITV News for planking.
Ranger for the National Trust

Why do you derby?
I loved skating when I was younger, especially falling over and trying to turn the fall into a fancy trick, so to be able to skate as an adult is brilliant (and I still enjoy the falling over!). It's also a fun way of keeping fit and meeting some amazingly cool people.

Fun fact about you:
I once had to catch a tram in Blackpool wearing a swimming costume and a towel because I lost my clothes at the swimming pool.

Is the best jockey

Why do you derby?
I like going fast and I'm really competitive!

Fun fact about you:
I once moved to New Zealand for a year and came back after 3 days. I spent more time in the air than on the ground!