Wanna be a Border City Roller?

Here's what our members have to say about our "fresh meat" beginners course...

"The fresh meat course was so much fun. I had skated for a little while before the course started and was amazed at how the coaches managed to differentiate the tasks for the 'freshies'. There was a constant friendly and supportive environment. I've made some very good friends and really enjoyed the experience. I loved learning derby skating and felt the new skills were an exciting challenge. I learned lots, the course has genuinely improved my skating. The weekly course was planned well and delivered by some fantastic people. I would whole heartedly recommend the fresh meat course to both new and experienced skaters, its a brilliant way to meet like minded people develop and improve skills in a friendly environment"

- Jam Eater #2468

"I am so pleased I signed up for Fresh Meat. I was made so welcome and now feel like one of the BRDC family. Their love of the game is infectious and I soon caught the bug. The league members were always so generous with their time and seem to have a natural way of being able to share their skills through demonstrations, descriptions, patience and encouragement"

- Miss Calculated #2325


Erm, what is roller derby?

Cool! How do I join BCRD?

Whe is the next beginner's course?

Don't know much about it? Check out the Derby Directory!

Click on here , and the magic of the internet will take you to our sign up sheet.
April 2019. Places are first come, first served and are really limited. They go quickly so register your interest now!

How much does Fresh Meat Cost?

When / where is it?

How long does Fresh Meat last?

The first session is free! We don't think anyone should pay to do something if you don't know if you like it yet. Each session after that is £5, which includes kit hire, so you don't even need your own skates!
Each course is on a Friday night every week, 8:20pm - 10pm.
Most of the time they last between 12-15 weeks, depending on how fast the group progresses.

I've never skated before...

What do I need to bring?

No problem! We teach you everything you need to know, and we even provide all the kit if you don't have your own!

What will I be doing?

A drink, comfortable gym clothes and a positive attitude!
The course is for brand new to intermediate level skaters.
Your first sessions will be focussed on basic skating skills. Our coaches will cover things like balance, stride, correct stance and stopping safely.  
The rest of the course focusses on intermediate skills, such as crossovers, hopping, backwards skating, skating at speed, using your toestops and making contact with other skaters (blocking).
When you are competent and confident in these areas, you will graduate Fresh Meat and can begin attending league sessions on Thursdays, where we cover gameplay, heavy contact, communication and the rules of Roller Derby!