Wanna be a Border City Roller?

You can apply for our next 'fresh meat' beginners course using the google form linked on this page.

Our next intake will begin on Friday 1st June 2018. Places are extremely limited and unfortunately, we have to offer places to the people that show the most commitment, apply now and we'll be in touch!
Advanced skaters and league transfers will be considered on a case by case basis, contact us below and ask about fast-track enrolment.

Erm, what is roller derby?
Check out the
About BCRD page to find out, you'll love it!
When does the next beginners course start?
Friday 1st June 2018, and lasts for approx 15 weeks depending on the progression of the group.
Where is it?
Harraby Campus Sports, Edgehill Road, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 3PP
What time are the sessions?
8:15pm sharp to kit up for an 8:30pm start, to allow time as much time on skates as possible. Session ends at 10pm.
How much does it cost?
The beginners (fresh meat) course costs only £5 per session, which covers hall hire for the session, skate hire and kit hire.

What are the commitments?
The desire to keep pushing yourself, to learn new things and to be the best!
First and foremost, we are a Roller Derby club, not a Roller Skating club. This means, as well as having fun and making new friends, you will be required to:

- Learn how to play Roller Derby
- Attend training regularly
- Participate in all warm-ups, exercises, drills and games
- To be enthusiastic about your training
- Work hard!
What will I be doing?

'Fresh Meat' is a 15 week training course for brand new to intermediate level skaters. If you're mins passed and already have Roller Derby experience, contact us about fast track membership.
Your first sessions will be focussed on basic skating skills. Our coaches will cover things like balance, stride, correct stance and stopping safely.  
The rest of the course focusses on intermediate skills, such as crossovers, hopping, backwards skating, skating at speed, using your toestops and making contact with other skaters (blocking).
When you are competent and confident in these areas, you will graduate Fresh Meat and can begin attending league sessions on Mondays and Thursdays, where we cover gameplay, heavy contact, communication and the rules of Roller Derby! 

I want to learn to skate but I don't want to play in a team
If you want to learn to skate but don't feel you want to join a team, we have various options available. You can either train to become a referee (referees skate around the inside and outside of the track and check for penalties, keep score etc) or you can join the recreational group, which means you will still learn to skate and participate in the same training as everyone else, but there is no obligation to play against other UK teams. Referees and recreational skaters pay the same membership fees as team skaters.
I don't want to learn to skate but I'd love to get involved somehow
If you don't want to learn to skate, but you fancy being a part of this awesome league and making friends with some amazing people, then there are plenty of options available! We are always looking for people to join the volunteering team, in various positions (e.g. marketing, Non-skating officials, fund raisers, sponsors etc). Just send us a message on
facebook , send us an email , or fill out our contact form  and we can send you more information. Volunteers don't pay membership fees and will be rewarded with cake!
Any questions?
Contact BCRD here and one of our friendly coaches will be in touch!